Appropriate student dress and appearance helps set the tone for a positive school climate. Dressing cleanly and nicely shows pride in yourself, family, and in your school. Students are to use good judgment in their personal appearance. The Riverbend International School dress and appearance rules will serve as guidelines for students and parents determination of what is appropriate school dress and appearance. School dress code for RIS school year will be modified school uniforms. Males will wear Polo shirts with kakis. Males may also wear dark slacks with Polo shirts or a button up shirt. Females will wear Polo shirts with skirts or kakis. Females may also wear dark skirts with Polo Shirts or a button up shirt. Administration may periodically allow a dress down day where students may wear jeans or jean skirts. These days will be announced in advance. These must not have holes in them, and must be clean and presentable at all times.

Dennis Uniform