Riverbend International School began in 2014 but its campus dates back to 1885. We are located on a 160 acre site in the historic city of Atchison, Kansas. Here are photos of the campus through the years. For more information about Atchison visit: Atchison Official website The Amelia Earhart bridge over the Missouri river welcomes you to Atchison, Kansas. The Missouri River bends at Atchison making it easy to locate Atchison on a map. Atchison is a farming community with lots of corn fields, blue skies and fresh air. Riverbend International School is a short walk up the road from Benedictine University.

The Missouri river divides the states of Kansas and Missouri. Atchison is located on the rivers’ bend. 69 km (43 miles) North of Kansas City. In Atchison is the home of the world famous aviator Amelia Earhart.