Frequently Asked Question

Is financial aid available for students with a financial need?

Some scholarships are available for students with financial needs. These are limited and consideration will be given based upon need, GPA, recommendations, and availability.

What does S.T.E.M. mean?

S.T.E.A.M. (STEAM) stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics. A STEAM school emphasizes those four areas. It is the goal of Riverbend High School to ensure each student is well prepared in each of the four STEAM areas. Extra coursework and a more rigorous curriculum will prepare students for success in our nations top universities.

What Engineering activities are your students currently engaged in at Riverbend High School?

Our students take Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) classes and have participated in Boosting Engineering Science and Technology (BEST) competition in Wichita, Kansas. Additionally, our students enter an electric car competition, a bridge building competition, and a windmill design competition.

Is Riverbend High School accredited?

We are fully accredited by The Kansas State Board of Education and AdvancED..

Is Riverbend High School a member of KSHSAA?

Yes, Riverbend is a member of the Kansas High School Athletics Association.

What does International School mean?

Riverbend is an international school. That means we accept and educate local students, national students, and students from other countries as well. Some think this means we only host students from other countries, but we also encourage local and national students to apply and attend school at Riverbend High School.

Are you a SEVIS school?

Riverbend High School is licensed by SEVIS. We are capable of issuing I-20 forms for international students.